Some of us stop living after we’ve been struck by grief.

Others, recognize it has a life of its own and do everything in their power to bury it.


At its worst, grief can bring an end to our lives.


At Living Beyond Grief, our purpose is to guide grievers through their grief into 

meaningful, lasting recovery and re-engagement with life.



Helping heal grief, related to all types of loss, while specializing in working with adult women who’ve been impacted by grief, surrounding family members & lost relationships.

You wouldn't let a broken leg 

go untreated.

Why would you continue to live with a broken heart?
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Consequences of Grief & Loss

  • Joyless, hopeless, and unable to focus, concentrate, or remember

  • No playfulness or spontaneity

  • Sleeping all the time, but never rested

  • Surviving, but not living

  • Focused on the past and profoundly sad over each loss

  • Self-sabotage and self-destructive

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Benefits of Grief Recovery©

  • Energy, joy, and lightness

  • The ability to exhale, smile, and even laugh

  • To be present in the moment and hopeful for the future

  • Look at losses with sweet memories, instead of unbearable pain