At Living Beyond Grief, our purpose is to guide grievers through their grief into

meaningful recovery and re-engagement with life.

Helping heal grief, related to all types of loss, while specializing in working with adult women of all ages who have lost a mother, grandmother, or mother-figure. 

You wouldn't let a broken leg 

go untreated.

Why would you continue to live with a broken heart?

Consequences of Grief & Loss

  • Joyless, hopeless, and unable to focus, concentrate, or remember

  • No playfulness or spontaneity

  • Sleeping all the time, but never rested

  • Surviving, but not living

  • Focused on the past and profoundly sad over each loss

  • Self-sabotage and self-destructive


Benefits of Grief Recovery©

  • Energy, joy, and lightness

  • The ability to exhale, smile, and even laugh

  • To be present in the moment and hopeful for the future

  • Look at losses with sweet memories, instead of unbearable pain

White Flowers

What About You?

If you relate to the above and want to:

  •  Move through grief into meaningful recovery

  • Re-engage with life

  • Be free of the pain, gray, and flatness of just surviving

  • Live beyond your grief

Contact me to arrange a complimentary Discovery Session

to see If you qualify to have me guide you through the Grief Recovery process.


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