Calista Anderson,

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Calista Anderson (she/her/hers),

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist


Calista Anderson is devoted to helping people heal their grief & transform their lives.

From growing up in a home owned by addiction & dramatic acting out, to losing her mom at the age of 18, Calista has had an intimate experience with the depths of despair and grief.


On her own path to healing, Grief Recovery gave her the tools to take vast pools of sadness from her past and use objectivity & grace to transform her life.

Calista Anderson treats every client’s need with unlimited respect, a wide-open heart, and the knowledge both of you will find a way forward.

That outcome will be unique & specific to you.

When you sit in front of her you’re the only person in the room.

Every word is greeted with discretion and confidentiality.

Most of all, she isn’t a dry clinician.

She’s one of those rare individuals who found her life by healing her life.

You can trust her word.

You’re speaking with someone who started low, aimed high, and flew past every expectation. Her heart, mind, and soul refuse to peddle back. 

Today, Calista Anderson approaches most every day with a great sense of gratitude.

She establishes her best professional self by resolutely walking down the road that gave back her life. 

Now, she takes that gift and nourishes it with love and attention.

It’s a kind of commitment that’s never let her down before.