Spoken Word & Press

Calista Anderson is a writer and speaks both 

regionally & nationally, to clinical & lay audiences,

on various aspects of grief and Grief Recovery.



“...The detrimental, cumulative effects of these messages over time teaches us that emotions like joy and happiness are safe to express, but emotions like grief and sadness are not. We end up navigating hardships in our lives by bottling-up certain emotions, causing grave negative effects on our physical, psychological, and emotional health. Due to how we have been improperly socialized to grieve, our misconception of strength is founded on a fallacy that vulnerability equates to weakness. We adopt the belief that we must grieve alone, learning to stop talking and swallow our words (and our feelings) when our eyes well up with tears and our voice begins to crack.


Having no proper tools to deal with our grief, we push on, keep busy, appear strong for others (even though we may feel like we are on the verge of crumbling), and “act as if”...


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